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Wine, Strong Drink, & The Word (Series)

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Wine, Strong Drink, & The Word (Series)


(Part 1)
The Word of God seems to have many conflicting scriptures soon wine, and strong drink. Pastor Vic’s teaching tackles the debate on whether god wants abstinence, moderation, or freedom to drink as much as wanted. Pastor Vic mentions the use of wine in the temple, the first miracle of turning water into wine, and the Apostle Paul’s use o fit for health.

Every Christian needs to have understanding of the Word in order to make wise decisions concerning “drinking”. Jesus was accused of being a wine-bibber because he drank wine. What is a Christian to do? What is the witness of scripture?

(Part 2)
Pastor Vic begins by singing a solo from David Ingles, “In Him”. He also leads the congregation in singing of new song. These have been left in for your listening pleasure. Message begins with the summary of part 1 and then goes onto explain about “hard liners” and their view of wine. Then continues to teach on scriptures that says to drink a little wine.


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