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Seduction Of Christianity (Series)

  • Date
    October 22, 1986
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Seduction Of Christianity (Series)


Modern day “Practices” to help heal the mind are examined from the scripture to determine their effectiveness and dangers. The Pros and cons of psycho-therapies, visualization, inner healing, positive thinking , and self-exaltation are discussed and spiritual consequences exposed. Learn about end time deception, occult practices and gods of this world.


  1. 1(Lesson 1) End Times DeceptionDownload
  2. 2(Lesson 2) Possibility Thinking And SuccessDownload
  3. 3(Lesson 3) Psycho Therapies In The ChurchDownload
  4. 4(Lesson 4) Visualization Other Occult PracticeDownload
  5. 5(Lesson 5) Inner HealingDownload
  6. 6(Lesson 6) Ye Are GodsDownload