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Prosperity (Series)

  • Date
    June 11, 1986
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Prosperity (Series)


Most often wonder if Christians are truly meant to prosper in this life. Some have the attitude that those serving in the ministry should be poor, while others have the “name it and claim it” attitude for all to just lay hold of.  The answer to what attitude about prosperity God wants us to have is taught.

Also, these 16 messages about “Prosperity” clearly conditions, and covenant have to do with our ability to acquire and manage money. If you are struggling to make ends meet, or want to do a better job of “making” more money this series will provide the knowledge and wisdom as a guide to doing just that.  Whether you a new believer or a mature saint that need refreshed on the subject this series is for you. A timely series for the tough times we’re living in.


  1. 1(Lesson 1) Prosperity Is A Covenant PromiseDownload
  2. 2(Lesson 2) Jesus Fulfills The Promise To UsDownload
  3. 3(Lesson 3) The Abraham Kind Of FaithDownload
  4. 4(Lesson 4) Prosperity PromisesDownload
  5. 5(Lesson 5) More Prosperity PromisesDownload
  6. 6(Lesson 6) More Prosperity PromisesDownload
  7. 7(Lesson 7) More Prosperity PromisesDownload
  8. 8(Lesson 8) Circumstances & TraditionsDownload
  9. 9(Lesson 9) The Word Wrongly Divided (Part 1)Download
  10. 10(Lesson 10) The Word Wrongly Divided (Part 2)Download
  11. 11(Lesson 11) The Word Wrongly Divided (Part 3)Download
  12. 12(Lesson 12) You Must AskDownload
  13. 13(Lesson 13) There Are Some ConditionsDownload
  14. 14(Lesson 14) You Can't Prosper In DisobedienceDownload
  15. 15(Lesson 15) Diligence & DangersDownload
  16. 16(Lesson 16) A Balanced PerspectiveDownload