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Here Comes Your King

  • Date
    March 24, 2002
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Here Comes Your King


Palm Sunday Message…How the customs of ancient Israel demonstrated Jesus’ willingness to now declare His kingship, when heretofore he had refused.  The white ass colt, the strewn garments, etc…Comparison of a meek spiritual King to a pompous earthly king.  Comparison of Jesus’ kingdom established on the back of a donkey to that one established on a warrior horse.

Bible References:  Matthew 21:1-11; John 6:14-15, 18:33-40, 19:1-5,13-15, John 19: 19-22;  Rev 19:11-16; Deut 17:14-20; Judges 5:3,10; Zach 9:9Ish


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