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Half Heartedness Won’t Win the Victory

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Half Heartedness Won’t Win the Victory


Subject : Authority (Warfare)

How to deal with our enemies is the theme of this message. Even though the Devil was defeated at the cross many live defeated. Why that is and how that can be changed is discussed. Even though Christians are to be lovers of mankind they also are to be haters of evil.Jesus has given the victory but we must be determined to fight the evil one and not give up.

Israel, is a natural example of spiritual principles in the Old Testament. Even though the outcome of the enemy is determined but we must be determined to defeat him. The stories of prophet Elisha and King Joash, and the prophet Samuel and King Saul are taught. These stories are then related to our lives as a lesson on how to defeat the evil and temptation in our lives. We don’t let the devil manipulate us by our feelings. King David and Joshua are examples of victory and overcoming.

Bible References:
2 Kings13; 1Samuel 15; Joshua Psalm 137:20-23, Proverbs 8:13; Ecclesiastes 8: Amos 5:15; John 2:13-17 Psalm 149


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