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Guide Your Feet In The Way of Peace

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    September 1, 1985
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Guide Your Feet In The Way of Peace


God gives the kind of peace that knows no fear or anxiety.  His peace is a spiritual force that calm every wave of panic.  The worse can come but those who know Him find the peace that passes all understanding.  Every storm can be weathered in life because Jesus said “He gives us peace not as the world gives”.   A supernatural ability to trust the Father to make a way.

Scriptures:  Luke 1, John 14 & 16, Philippians 4, Romans 8 & 14:7, Psalm 37, Galatians 5:22, Psalm 29:11, Psalm 119:165, Isaiah 48:18 & 26:3, John 11, Isaiah 59:8,  Psalm 34

Subject:  Peace


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