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Do Right vs Be Right

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    October 18, 1998
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Do Right vs Be Right


It is more important to do right than to be right.  In disagreements with others, yield, surrender, give in…even if you are right and they are wrong.  To do otherwise sets you up as a judge.  The law of love requires humbling and being defrauded.  It’s not our responsibility to exact judgement and make others do what is right.

We are only responsible for ourselves to do what is right, no matter what.  This connects us in character to our Heavenly Father, for that is how He is.  That’s the example he set.

Bible References:  Matt 5:38-48; Luke 6:27-35; James 4:10-12; Rom 12:16-21; 1 Cor 16:13-14; Luke 5:4-5


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