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Bible Study – Verse by Verse – Book of John (Chapters 16 & 17)

Bible Study - Verse by Verse - Book of John (Chapters 16 & 17)


Pastor Vic was an excellent teacher of Gods Word. In these Sunday School Bible lessons, taught verse by verse, he cross- referenced each concept validating each with three different references in scripture.

These lessons were taught during the Sunday School hour on Sunday mornings at Water of Life Christian Center. Each lesson is approximately 45 minutes, with class discussions, students comments and questions included. Class bells can be heard ringing signaling a five minute alert to wrap things up at the end of class time.

These lessons can serve as a year long Bible Study, or enjoyed individually in any order. The Book of John is especially helpful for new believers and for those who want to disciple others and refresh themselves in Kingdom principles.


  1. 1John 16:1-7 (Part 1)Download
  2. 2John 16:1-7 (Part 2)Download
  3. 3John 16:8-27Download
  4. 4John 16:28 - John 17:2 (Part 1)Download
  5. 5John 16:28 - John 17:2 (Part 1)Download
  6. 6John 17:3-11 (Part 1)Download
  7. 7John 17:3-11 (Part 2)Download
  8. 8John 17:12-17 (Part 1)Download
  9. 9John 17:12-17 (Part 2)Download
  10. 10John 17:18-21 (Part 1)Download
  11. 11John 17:18-21 (Part 2)Download
  12. 12John 17:22-23 (Part 1)Download
  13. 13John 17:22-23 (Part 2)Download
  14. 14John 17:24-26 (Part 1)Download
  15. 15John 17:24-26 (Part 2)Download