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Bible Study – Verse by Verse – Book of 1st Peter

Bible Study - Verse by Verse - Book of 1st Peter


This epistle and its author, the apostle Peter, encourages believers to avoid malice, deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander; but to show love, humility, hospitality, compassion and sympathy. Pastor Vic gives practical advice, taken from the Book of Peter, for the present on how to live as Christians in a pagan society, as well as how to have hope during suffering.


  1. 1(Lesson 1) Kept By Gods Power Thru Our Faith (1st Peter 1:1-5)Download
  2. 2(Lesson 2) Genuine Faith & Glorious Joy (1st Peter 1:1-5)Download
  3. 3(Lesson 3) What The Prophets Did Not Know (1st Peter 1:10-20)Download
  4. 4(Lesson 4) Born Of Enduring Seed (1st Peter 1:21-25)Download
  5. 5(Lesson 5) Guile Related Old Character Flaws (1st Peter 2:1)Download
  6. 6(Lesson 6) Jesus Is The Conerstone (1st Peter 2:3-8)Download
  7. 7(Lesson 7) Chosen, Royal, Priestly, Holy, Possessed, Praising, Delieverd People (1st Peter 2:9)Download
  8. 8(Lesson 8) Strangers & Pilgrims (1st Peter 2:10)Download
  9. 9(Lesson 9) Christians Responsibily To Civil Government (1st Peter 2:13-17)Download
  10. 10(Lesson 10) Submission vs Obedience (1st Peter 2:13)Download
  11. 11(Lesson 11) How To Handle Unfair Treatment (1st Peter 2:18-21)Download
  12. 12(Lesson 12) The Example Of Jesus (1st Peter 2:21-25)Download
  13. 13(Lesson 13) Wives Should Fit In With Their Husbands Plans (1st Peter 3:1-4)Download
  14. 14(Lesson 14) The Adorning Of Holy Women (1st Peter 1:1-5)Download
  15. 15(Lesson 15) The Responsible Husband (1st Peter 3:7)Download
  16. 16(Lesson 16) Living Like A Child Of God (1st Peter 3:8-13)Download
  17. 17(Lesson 17) Suffering For Righteous Sake (1st Peter 3:14-20)Download
  18. 18(Lesson 18) God Is Faithfull To The Suffering (1st Peter 3:20-22)Download
  19. 19(Lesson 19) Persecution Porduces Holiness (1st Peter 4:1-11)Download
  20. 20(Lesson 20) Suffering For The Right Reason (1st Peter 4:12-16)Download
  21. 21(Lesson 21) The Day Of Accounting & Beyond (1st Peter 4:17-19)Download
  22. 22(Lesson 22) The Elders Among You (1st Peter 5:1-7)Download
  23. 23(Lesson 23) The Roaring Of The Phony Lion (1st Peter 5:8-9)Download
  24. 24(Lesson 24) When You Cant Get Your Own Way (1st Peter 5:5-9)Download
  25. 25(Lesson 25) The Road To Stability Is Full Of Holes (1st Peter 5:10-12)Download