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2004 Pastor Vic Collection of Songs

  • Date
    April 4, 2001
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2004 Pastor Vic Collection of Songs


Pastor Vic kept his unique voice and ability to worship his King through out his entire ministry.  Scripture songs were among his favorites.  He taught many followers the Word through these wonderful and timeless songs.  The music on these pages were recorded 20-30 years into Pastor Vic’s life as a Pastor.  May you be drawn into the presence of the Lord as you sit back and listen.


  1. 1Romans 8:1, There Is No CondemnationDownload
  2. 2Go Be FreeDownload
  3. 3He LivesDownload
  4. 4Unto Thee O LordDownload
  5. 5Put On The Garment Of Praise, Isaiah 61:3Download
  6. 6Whoso Offers Praise, Psalm 50:23Download
  7. 7I Will Sing Of The Mercies Of The Lord ForeverDownload
  8. 8He Is So GoodDownload
  9. 9Forever GratefulDownload
  10. 10I Love You lordDownload
  11. 11This Is My CommandmentDownload