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1980 Pastor Vic Collection of Songs

  • Date
    November 2, 1980
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1980 Pastor Vic Collection of Songs


We are pleased to announce that a “Collection of Songs” is now available for your listening pleasure. You will be transported back in time when the Holy Spirit was being poured out like fresh oil. A very young Pastor Vic sings his favorite “Scripture Songs” that lasted through out his entire ministry. Songs that strengthened him and all his disciples.


  1. 1God Is So GoodDownload
  2. 2The King Is Coming + He Is LordDownload
  3. 3Something Beautiful + He Is Lord, Romans 14Download
  4. 4From The Rising Of The Sun, Psalm 27:1Download
  5. 5The Lord Is My Light, Psalm 27:1Download
  6. 6(Song 1) Psalm 32:7 & Psalm 8Download
  7. 7(Song 2) Psalm 32:7 & Psalm 8Download